Courier companies in Kenya are growing rapidly and under significant transformations. Currently, the postal and courier sector’s revenue to the national government is at an average of Kshs.10 Billion. The figure is a culmination of at least 5.1 million letters sent each month last year; not pointing out the parcels. Therefore, not only does the number of clients walking into various courier outlets counts, but the price unit of each parcel being delivered. Nevertheless, what makes the courier companies offer the courier rates that we see?
Firstly, technological innovation has provided us with a platform where our lives are alleviated by use of sophisticated gadgets and software’s, and courier companies in Kenya are not being left behind. Courier companies are now investing heavily on courier tracking devices and software that is making secure and hourly delivery a reality.
Secondly, infrastructure is one of the best gifts a government can give to its people, locked up courier routes are gradually opening up, being a blood life to the starting courier companies.
Our county system and the recently launched Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) should therefore be our economical catalyst. Awakening vibrant newer courier destinations and the need for courier services to the locals.
Lastly, government’s policies do influences the daily running of the courier companies. This often arises in change of law or just taxes as was seen with the scrapping of duty on the imported motorcycles awhile back. Today we have more courier machines than before which is a good thing, but what is lucking is simply the knowledge.
Growth in courier industry brings much benefit to each and every individual in the society. Uplifting and helping to bring a better quality of life. Its therefore upon courier regulatory authority to safeguard both the interest of the consumer, the courier service providers as well as the upcoming aspiring courier investors to a healthier better nation.

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