Times are changing fast, and so are the online courier companies in Kenya. Long gone are the days of covering miles to drop an urgent mail, making calls to confirm a delivery and not to mention the hefty paper work of filling and filing receipts.
Today you can order for a courier service at the comfort of your home or office, have it picked up and dropped at your preferred courier destination and with a press of a button after keying in the courier tracking number, tail the consignment all the way to its courier destination.
Technology advancement and good infrastructure is a big boost to the courier sector. Today, there are plenty of courier scanners in the market that one would be spoilt for choice. However, the courier software is inevitable in this game. With each passing day the online courier companies have aimed at the bull’s eye, smaller sophisticated courier gadgets. As the world is embracing pocket friendly costs and devices, courier industry has switched to androids and availability of unwavering internet to make a mark on online courier.
It is indeed noble for customer to stop by and order for a courier service online, but it’s a different ball game altogether for bigger logistic companies. All hourly deliveries must be launched into the online courier system to gauge the development of each delivery, the geographical position of the speed rider and the nature of courier route traffic.
It indeed feels good to sit back and have an online courier company take care of all your sensitive deliveries, but it’s imperative to know which courier system is ideal for your organization? Kindly feel free to talk to FlashTime Courier team at no extra cost.

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