Nairobi is a unique city with great tourist sites and hotels. Nairobi city links to other towns and cities through road networks, railways, ports, airports and telecommunication through courier companies. Courier companies are designed to offer courier services that are very fast and secure to meet the growing market demand. Nairobi today has over four hundred registered courier companies set to interweave producers to consignees.
Here are some similar qualities of courier companies that offer courier services in this city:-
Firstly, all these courier companies have their head offices in Nairobi. Since it is prudent to pitch tent where your clients are, most courier companies have opted to set their offices along Mombasa Road, Industrial Area and River Road where you can catch a bus or send a parcel to any destination of your choice.
Secondly, all Nairobi courier companies have branches in other towns and cities. A courier service company will always launch a new courier destination after a thorough market research of the place. Today with the myriad road constructions, there are many courier destinations in the region than ever before for courier companies to venture into.
Lastly, all Nairobi courier companies are offering courier service category (J+1) with exception of a few. This is where courier consignments are dropped for sending and picked on the next day from the courier company’s branch. There is also the (J) category which is same day courier delivery service, but at times why should a client wait the whole day? This is what Flashtime Deliveries E.A limited specializes on. Flashtime Deliveries has a formidable team of speed riders to match hourly courier services to all its clients and you don’t have to wait long. Contact us for any courier service you need and we will customize it for you.

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