“As you are aware the Authority recently concluded the consultation process with the industry aimed at facilitating improvement in both the regulatory and the operating environment.
The consultation process led to the review of the postal/courier market structure and license framework. Following the adoption of a new license regime, your new license category is dubbed National Postal Courier Operator. Your old license category Intra City Postal Courier Operator ceases to exist with effect from 1st July 2015.”
This was a section of the letter from Communication Authority Director General to all former Intra City Courier Managing Directors.
Howard Schultz words are brought alive, ‘Authentic brands don’t emerge from marketing cubicles or advertising agencies. They emanate from everything the company does’. From CCK to Communication Authority, these changes are going to have significant impact on the economy.
These new changes in license fee by the communication authority have created room for wider market for all stakeholders, hence greater return. Former National Postal Courier companies have now gone regional, while former regional are now offering international courier services.
For most speed courier investors, this is like injecting more capital, but not at all. Courier companies can always partner, youth groups from different counties can now come together to create dynamic entities to reckon with if they so wish.
Have you ever thought of starting hourly courier services?
As the government transforms this country to a middle income state by interconnecting counties and towns through building road networks, railways, ports, airports, waterways and telecommunication, it is the courier companies that will bind them together.
Affordable courier services are therefore something to be embraced; Flashtime Deliveries E.A Limited is ready to work with any stakeholder to ensure that our clients get the quality service they so deserve.

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