It is proven that what we obtain too cheaply we esteem too lightly. I would also like to concur that cheap courier services can be very risky especially when you are dealing with cheap courier entities that are not fully registered. But imagine being able to fly to any world city on time, or courier your product to any world market without second thoughts on the courier cost?
The oil price has fallen by more than 40% since June, from $115 to $70, and this trend is likely to continue further to the better part of this year. The demand for this precious commodity in the world market is declining making hourly courier services more real. Because of the reduction in oil prices, the cost of manufacturing should be much lower as well as sending bulk and finished products to the consumer and vice versa. Knowledge empowerment has also become easy as transport cost is down and there is power to connect with the global village. These lower costs reduce household budget, freeing up extra cash for consumption. Consequently, there is individual development as the economy thrives!
However, most of the consumer federations are crying foul, the new prices still do not represent the would-be actual pricing. It is interesting that with the current crude oil price bonanza, most of the key players have vowed to continue charging “standard rates.”
For example, airlines that play the integral role of connecting smaller estranged communities with larger cities have neither lowered their air tickets nor freight costs. This trend is replicated in almost every sector, with each stakeholder sticking to their views regarding why a drop in fuel prices does not automatically translate to reduced burden on the customer. Some of the most common reasons given are
 Fuel cost fluctuation should not affect the courier cost, since many deem this as so temporal.
 Others claim that their prices are based on revenue management system.
 Most service providers and industries have blamed it all on hefty taxes claiming that they have always cautioned the consumer when things are thick.
Whereas it is easier to stay put and enjoy, Flashtime Deliveries (E.A) Limited management has decided to take the bull by the horn. The company team reached a consensus and now offers 25% reduction cost on all its hourly delivery services. The move has been a success purely for three reasons:
Opting for fuel-efficient machines has enabled the company to make even faster deliveries at reduced fuel rates, as it saves on more, which is not just pocket change.
The team has lived out its principle to offer quality delivery services instead of focusing too much on the daily returns.
Excellent infrastructure is normally a big key in country development, but if the citizen cannot access the facilities, then it is just a waste of resources. It is for the reason that Flashtime Deliveries (E.A) Ltd. has made an unprecedented move to revolutionize the courier industry and focus on the most important segment of each market: the consumer. Contact us now at and enjoy the discounted prices while safely delivering your precious commodity by one of the most trusted players in the industry.

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