Flashtime Deliveries

Flashtime Deliveries


  • Speed’s  Sweet

There is nothing so sugary for a speed rider than being on top of a powerful speed bike! Pumping the gas; the sound it bequeaths can be breathtaking. The feeling is so inexpressible that one would only wish that all motorists were not caged in. Speed riders also enjoy weaving traffic jam boosting Nairobi hourly courier services. A speed rider adores the cool feeling of freedom of getting on the motorcycle and just zooming off, so addictive.

    • Health and complication

    However, Speed riders equally run into myriad of challenges as they carry an assortment of courier consignments which speed lovers ought to know.

    Nevertheless, there are more than just unexplained first time speed rider fevers.

    The studies, by many researchers around the globe now show that the more a speed rider cruises on the horsepower,the greater the risk of impotence or loss of libido as a result of the vibration.

    Researchers are also seeing increased cases of erectile dysfunction on men who ride bikes intensively. Other ordinary complications developed by speed riders are chests, lungs and joint pain.

    • Accident’s just a breath away

    Manufacturing companies are daily bringing in sophisticated speed bikes that a speed rider cannot afford to blink while riding these death trap monsters.  A speed rider cannot afford to miss calculate a move or a turn and apt meditation is no option.

    Speed riders don’t just glide, but as they speed off their mind is always on the other motorist just in case they get obstructed and their optional safest exits from the mess. Wet road, poor weather and dirt are some of the speed rider nightmare.

    • Insurance

    Over time now I have surely come to comprehend that the sure mark of a speed rider is not how fast they can be, but the individual conviction of getting the right permits, as cheap insurances can be very detrimental.

    • Exercise

    Today if you go to our highways and freeways over the weekend, one thing you will never miss to find are groups of speed riders having their day out. Their machines are at par, not to mention their stylish suits! But one thing that these groups forget is to exercise with the same zeal. There is nothing good as a physically fit speed rider.

    Firstly, exercise makes one concentrate more which is an essential factor. Secondly, exercise boosts our immunity from petty ailments especially during harsh weather. And also, expedites our healing process in case of accidents which are inevitable.

    It’s only at Flashtime Deliveries where the entire team does weekly routine exercise and the results are insurmountable.


    • Stay young

    Finally, an interesting thing about dedicated speed riders is that they always look younger their age.

    I think doing sports and riding motorcycles has made me more approachable and more real and down to earth. Buy a speed bike today and get ushered into a whole new group of friend and family- speed riders.

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