It is great fun to listen to the misconceptions that people have about Petty Errands; but what about courier companies? In an effort to better understand Nairobi Hourly Courier Services, here are some surprising facts about Petty Errands that come up most often in conversation.  

·         Petty Errands is a Company

Petty errands services as the name suggests isn’t the name of a company as is presently alleged, but a concept. These are those charges that are not so complex.  For example, getting your car for regular service or just paying your monthly bills. Given that they are errands that normally you would attend to but which given various factors cannot be done by the individual, then the need to get someone to back you up or have the errands though petty done and completed to the same standard and speed by affordable  leading courier specialist, for instance FlashTime Deliveries E.A Limited.

·         Anyone can offer Petty Errands Services

Sure! If Petty Errands is simply getting consignment from point A to B by whatever means, then anyone can do that. But there is much more to courier services than meets the eye.  Apart from registration of the courier company, there is the courier licensing, studying your market, and getting a better indulgent on courier consignments which many assume.

·          No Petty Errand  

 When you wants to have an errand undertaken that you may deem petty errand, more often than not, you will look up to a relative.  This is done with the sole aim of making a saving.  Given the challenging economic times, the idea makes great sense.  However, from time to time an errand which at the onset was deemed petty if not fully attended to the consequences can be dire, thus affecting other aspects of life making the petty errand suddenly change to a very important errand. Imagine a late cheque deposit! Then you will wish you had entrusted the petty errand of depositing the cheque to FlashTime. Given their proven track record of fast hourly deliveries especially in Nairobi where a service christened ‘Nairobi Hourly Delivery’ is very popular and highly cherished by many.                              

·         All Petty Errand’s Expensive

So you have now decided that there are no longer any errands in your life that are petty and that all your errands need to be taken seriously, this need not make you have a panic attack at the prospects of what you will be charged.  FlashTime Deliveries are synonymous with affordable courier rates.  To our clients, we are the only one who can guarantee them affordable hourly delivery within Nairobi.  Additionally, your petty errand needs to be undertaken by the best courier provider in town.

·          All Petty Errands Companies must be registered

When finally you decide that the errand which you previously regarded as petty is important enough – given the cascading effect of its poor or non completion, you need to entrust the errand to a courier company that is registered by the Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK).  Why is this important? (You may ask?) Because you need to have the peace of heart and mind in the knowledge the errand will be undertaken with the same gusto and importance attached to it as you would.  You also need to know that should the service not meet the promised standards, you have someone else who you can lodge your complaint to.

FlashTime believes in quality service delivery and great customer care.  The leading courier specialist offers quality service assurance from Kenya shillings one hundred thousand shillings (100 000) to all Petty Errand services just in case something unplanned for happen. 

·         You can get your Petty Errands done from Home

So you ask, “I work online and spend most of my time online, do I have to make a call in order to get through to FlashTime Deliveries?  With the adoption of mobile technology, FlashTime Deliveries has also adopted to the changing times.  FlashTime Deliveries have an interactive website where you can go to place an order.  Additionally, FlashTime Deliveries have both a land line and mobile numbers with all mobile providers, to guarantee that you will get through at any time and despite any challenge to ensure your petty errand is done on time and to your satisfaction.

·         Petty Errands can be challenging

Petty Errand courier services can be nerve cracking. It does not only call for first-class machinery, but also superior management and team work to face and conquer the long queues and miles covered to brighten-up our clients.

We believe that none of us is as smart as all of us and that none is too small to make our clients smile.

Just name your Petty Errand- FlashTime team will customize it.




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