Westlands or ‘Westie’ as it’s commonly referred to by many locals has and will always remain a very important suburb in Nairobi. Today if you happen to pass through the desirable 72.50 sq. km you will not fail to see 2013-07-14 13.15.17standby tracks for transport, variety of company courier vans strategized in various spots or speeding motorcyclists zooming to pick or make deliveries. But what makes Westlands Courier stand out than the rest? Below are some of the factors why Flashtime Deliveries (E.A) Limited has re-launched its Westlands Courier Packages:-


Westlands is located on the North-west and only 3.4kilometers from the Central Business District. Nevertheless, the 15minutes to and from journey can take a whole two hours to the city centre; this comes after upgrading Museum and Forest, Ojijo road roundabouts to overpasses. Consequently, more people in Westlands are now embracing online deliveries. You can now have anything delivered right to your door step in Westlands from Shopping to Bills and variety of Customized Deliveries that include fetching vehicles for garage.

Business hub.

Westlands has a relaxed atmosphere compared to town, a fact that has seen many companies and NGO’s move their head offices to Westlands; the last ones adding to the greater list are:-The Imperial Bank, Barclays Bank of Kenya and the leading security exchange in East Africa-NSE. The multibillion property investment in Westlands is breath taking and it’s not just commercial towers, but executive high rise apartments as well. Westlands has got it all, from the largest modern malls in this region to best schools, luxurious hotels, hospitals, and appointment/revelers joints. What is certain in all this development woven together is the need for reliable courier service in Westlands to link them together harnessing production which Flashtime Deliveries (E.A) Limited’s team is set on.

Ready Market.

There was a time when Westlands was deemed an Asian society, but this is changing fast. Westlands today is packed by people from all walks of life, young men and women who’ve been drawn by the choice of facilities. Westlands Courier is well sought by many locals and expatriates alike who value their lives; thus spend their time sparingly by ordering for speed deliveries.

Internet and Customer care.

Courier industry is quickly turning to new ICTs and with the availability of Smartphone’s, courier companies in Westlands have embraced social media to attract newer clients, built courier websites with chat bar, taken advantage of Bulk SMS, and cultivated mobile money payment to impromptu clients. So, are you around Westlands Nairobi, and would wish to enjoy a good future, waste none of your present!

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