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If development could be seen as a fabric woven out of the activities of millions of people, then communication would represents that essential thread that binds them together. Hourly Courier Services is ordering for a delivery and having it executed in less than an hour’s time despite the nature of delivery and distance involved and that is FlashTime Deliveries (E.A) Limited specialty. We live in a communication era, with rapid expansion in the reach of mass media, and improved techniques for the interpersonal exchange of ideas that it is absurd to call a consignee and inform him/her to “check” for a mail the next day!
Hourly Courier Services is now viable and not just within the main cities, but also from Nairobi to Mombasa and Kisumu City and vice-versa. Some of the factors facilitating Hourly Courier services are as follows:-
Firstly, faster internet connectivity. The country has had a couple of fibre optic cables laid along its shore which has seen the cost of internet come down drastically. Affordability of internet has resulted to the rise of online social media like wildfire. Consequently, companies offering Hourly Courier Service have been able to attract customers instantly, and pass around information like blogs to attract more clientele.
Secondly, the easily accessible 3G phone in the market. This has seen internet user’s increase tremendously by 75.1% in the last quarter of last year to a whole 17.4 million users! Nevertheless one must not forget that Africa still remains the least connected continent in the world. But today for you to enjoy hourly courier service you just need a good phone. One that you can chat your way into placing an order, make payment via mpesa or perhaps do some clarity if need be anywhere and at any time.
Thirdly, affordable transport system. The government has made tremendous effort in putting up dual carriageway on our highways that has seen the notorious roundabouts being done away with, in exchange to over passes. This has eased traffic, at least in some parts of the capital city, which now takes half less time than before to make a door step delivery.
Lastly, the presence of low cost carrier airlines? Most of these companies are out to meet the demand for value for money travel, and they cover a total of fifteen destinations in Kenya. Besides this, major airlines are also eying for super mid size jets. Air being one of the fastest means to courier, and each county government upgrading its airstrip, the government has a greater responsibility to issue trade incentives that will see more investors into this sensitive industry.
However, our railway service’s still in the woods! It’s been 6 decades since high speed railway system were introduced. Our problem is that there is too much talking with very little to show of it! How are we going to carry the bulky frights in an hour’s time if it’s not by rail? This is already too expensive! What this country needs is underground electric railway line that is going to connect Mombasa city, lapsset and Turkana counties and not just spending billions of shillings on railway stations. We must upgrade our railway lines.
Today our society is giving dialogue a chance through devolution, entrepreneurship and privatization are being encouraged, and new technologies are the norm. But how can we achieve this without embracing newer communication methods! As we gradually relocate government services directly to the people themselves, we need speed hourly delivery services.
So as we march toward greater democracy and decentralization, we must make it our personal responsibility to steer our own course to change and better ICT even before the institutions and government comes in.
Here are some of the importances of Hourly Courier services:
 By getting raw materials, fuel and machinery to different industries at the right time and by running the industry, the hourly courier services helps to utilize resource we have in the different parts of the country.
Hourly Courier services also help raise production of raw materials, fuel and machineries etc. This is done by providing market. By widening the market due to the fact that the providers cover a wide area, business embarks on larger production and hence job creation.
 Hourly Courier Services also help curb rural-urban migrations as information like journals and raw materials reach the backwards population within a short span of time, hence empowering those who are far and wide with knowledge and right resources.
 Hourly Courier Services help solve the problem of unemployment in rural areas by creating a need of industries.
 As raw materials and machineries are got to their destined destinations via road, rail and air, Hourly Courier Services helps the country to see the importance of good transport system for economic development.
 Hourly Courier Services definitely help to establish relationships among different parts of people as it forges feeling of unity amongst the citizen.

Hourly Courier Services is here with us, but until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not value anything with it.

 At FlashTime Deliveries it is our commitment to utilize these avenues to better serve our customers. Why wont you give us a call on 020 258 5350/ 0724 322 104

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