logologoIndeed the Internet has become the town square of the global village of today and the country is fighting to keep abreast of the new technologies. Kenya has a total 31 million mobile subscribers of which 17.4 million have access to internet. In the last quarter alone, this number increased tremendously by a whole 75.1% as compared to the previous year. This is as a result of faster internet connectivity catalyzed by the laying of the fibre optic cables along our shores and the availability of 3G and 4G phones in the market.
It is also apparent to note the increased trend of the youth, with majority being university/ college and then high school graduates. Other factors that also plays in after ones educations background are urbanization with Nairobi taking the lions share of the entire figure, then followed by ones financial endowment.
Today modern business cannot afford to work without this essential information that brings all business parties together and even with a greater promising market, but how do we seize this moment since most of us feel old, fray and out of touch? The fact of the matter is, its not too late to begin, grab a friend, son or daughter, there are also plenty of useful books on the streets that will be worth digging into or just enroll for some evening classes.
The Internet is transforming the societies, but most of the times we dont know how to utilize this asset. We can easily raise-up a generation of Cut and Paste when it comes to assignments or use it socially to interact with friends, but there is more than just this.
Today you can not only send your credentials online at ease as Internet has practically eliminated the physical cost of communication, but also work at the comfort of your living room as you wish! Some of the services that you can offer online include customer care to other online companies, programming services, design, advertising, forex trading, delivery service of goods online to those who are held up at their places of work, those working at home, as well as many other day to day office and house hold emergencies and so on.
You and I live at a time where every profession is going online, but is your business online?
As Martin Frost once said, Today, it is clear that Internet organizing is vital to our future success. And I absolutely agree, but we must also surrender ourselves wholly to the realities of the Internet as well. It is evident today that we live in a flexible society which perhaps has not realized its potential and power, but with this demographics then we also have to brace ourselves for the vices that comes with it, and one of them is fraud. But how do we detect this menace since there are already some amongst us who dont value hard work and patience but are out for quick cash? As you trade online, then you have to keep all your senses alert and follow your heart, be flexible to take off if need be.

Listed below are some tips to protect yourself and your family from various forms of Internet fraud.
Do a research on the service provider.
Contacts like email address alone isnt enough. If it is a company, then get to know where the actual business is situated. Find out their LR No. of the premises that they are situated in, and if they claim to be in the industry for long check their names in the Yellow Pages. At least, have one or two cell numbers of the person you dealing with plus his/her superior just in case he or she goes missing. It is good to know which other company your provider is associated with.
Find out if they have a Trade license in-case of any compensation. Term and time of payments of goods and services, and mode normally varies from time to time, and if you are new then it would be good to strike a deal that payments be made in bits after fulfilling certain conditions or payments be made in installments since both parties are just as vulnerable.
If payments are done by Mpesa, scrutinize the message and if you can, use your credit card instead for easy tracking.
One should also avoid dingy places for payment; get someone to take you there if you really have to meet. Also opt for public places because there are some whove gone for their dues, but havent been seen again.
Ask the seller about when delivery can be expected and whether the merchandise is covered by a warranty or can be exchanged if there is any damage whatsoever.

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