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Did you know that Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) was established in 1999 by the Kenya Communications Act (KCA) no.2 of 1998.The Act later was amended in 2009 that now mandates the Commission to help both the development of the information, and the communications sectors (including broadcasting, multimedia, telecommunications and postal services) and electronic commerce.
In spite of varied challenges as the governing body, The Commission has embraced these responsibilities with great diligence, thus opening up our world, while at the same time creating a level playing ground for all the players in all the sectors as it protects the rights of the helpless consumers.
Three months ago, if you had all the requirements with you that is needed to place an application for a courier license in Kenya; that is not a walk in the park especially if you are just starting, you should have paid Kshs.3 750 000, Kshs.450 000, Kshs.93 750, and Kshs.60 000 for Public Postal, International Operator, Regional Operator and Intra City Operators Licenses respectively. This cost has been lowered down drastically by over 52% to Kshs.1000 000, Kshs.200 000, Kshs.50000 and Kshs.30 000 respectively. I know you can probably find this absurd or perhaps be caught up in the feeling that it does not concern you, and that after all you hardly get consignments that need to be couriered, but are this sensations true?
In the year nineteen ninety five, the county had fewer than twenty registered couriers firms. However, in the year 2007 the courier number had hit 150 and the number is anticipated to double to 300 by next year 2013 due to many factors, but how will the numbers and market look as in 2015 that is near, and what about with the vision 2030? We only imagine how the industry will look like!
Statistics are always right, and with this numbers one can clearly see where we are heading as a country. We have no choice but to come-up with better working policies that favors job creation and work as team in implementing what we put on paper. This cost reduction comes at a time when the country’s un-employment rate is at about 43% with the youths being the worst hit.
The Kenyan Courier market is growing fast and each day has its own dynamics to be met. The country needs quality and reliable service providers as we are gradually growing to be part of the developed countries.  Currently there is a serious need for hourly delivery service in our cities, we need an hourly door step delivery services and not just an early morning thing, but one that also offers late in the evening services.  Also, all our counties need quality courier connectivity.  Have you ever posted your valuables and thereafter felt as if you had just thrown them away? Who will go before us?  Which service provider will get our consignments to Lamu, Turkana and Luanda-Kotieno?  Will my mom get her traditional Christmas flour safely and on time without it being mixed with tar this Christmas?  Which provider will connect us with Mwanza, Juba or even Addis Ababa’s rapidly growing economy now that infrastructure is also being put in place?
The Commission has studied and done what it deems fit.  One could ask, has the commission shot itself on the feet?  I don’t think so.  With much work load comes a need for a bigger workforce resulting in more families getting their daily bread. What is clearer than ever is that we need to be true to ourselves. The city is full of bikes from all over and I am truly grateful for the relationships we’ve forged so far, majorly because of the source of livelihood they have created, but we cannot just stop there.
It is high time we encouraged our youths to put their heads together and register with the Commission. It is better to try and fail than not trying at all. With the reduced cost our children can now come together and easily raise capital on their own.  It would also be to their advantage if they already had fleets of motorcycles with them because they would not spend a lot on assets.  By so doing the Commission gets more work and thus employs more people including the very youth.
It is therefore role of the governments to ensure that her citizens have an option of what product to choose from upon getting to the market. When this right is accorded, then innovation and creativity rightly make their contribution in catapulting this nations’ growth.  The lowered courier rates will definitely have a big positive impact on all the stake holders, with the Public being the biggest beneficiary because of the following factors:-
First, affordability of quality service. This comes at a time when only a quarter of all the consignors can comfortable afford their respective courier receipts and with many finding it a burden and stressful to be in possession of a consignment let alone shopping for the right service man to courier with.  It has reached that point that we cannot afford to monopolize our services, and the good news is that this is bound to change as we will have more courier companies.
Secondly, getting a delivery man will be much easier. We come from a period where, yes we need someone to help us run around especially those times when our hand are full, but the problem is getting a free registered delivery man who will help us fetch or deliver what we want, when we want, and how we want it to be done. Most of the service providers today are too busy that most of them cannot offer an hourly delivery service in town making the entire public give-up on the industry all together.  The consequences of this being perpetual traffic grid-lock.
Thirdly, the quality of service delivery will improve.  This can only happen when there is healthy competition among the stake holders.  The service providers are henceforth challenged to be innovative and embrace technology that will consequently meet the client specific needs.
My dear reader, we have all been called higher to put our hands on the plough and not to turn back. Do you know anyone who has ever worked in this industry, any cyclist or an investor for that matter contemplating of starting something, kindly whisper to them this good news.  You are now in the light for our sake, and this should make every Kenyan deliriously happy irrespective of our specified fields of specialization.


Author: Jacob Owino
             Flashtime Deliveries (E.A) Limited   

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